Science support meetings

Get together with teachers from your local area and meet our Science Advisers. They will offer you continuing support and the most up to date guidance. These are great events that also allow you to share your concerns, achievements and experiences with us and with other teachers. Importantly, they're a chance for us to listen.

Your team of advisers

We have a team of experts on hand to answer your questions and help you deliver the courses in the way you want. There are three sets of Advisers that you can call on for help when you need it:

  • Science Advisers – they are your first, personal point of contact who can advise you on aspects of the specifications and assessment. They will be able to answer your questions and discuss any areas that you feel are important. If there is anything that you need more information on, they will be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Controlled Assessment Advisers – your specialist contact points for expert advice on Controlled Assessment, they can answer your questions and offer advice to help support you in delivering this new unit.
  • Curriculum Advisers – for whole school support this team have a good understanding of the education environment in the 14–19 sector. Some are qualified teachers and many have experience in working with partners in training and delivery of education and mentorship. As a result, they have advanced skills that ensure you will get the support you need.
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