Events and exhibitions

ASE Annual Conference 2013

In January we attended the ASE Conference at the University of Reading where we offered insight, resources and guidance to help every student and teacher realise their potential. Our passionate experts know that when it comes to science, one size doesn't fit all.

View our ASE Annual Conference workshop presentations

BLISS Science for lower achieving students

How can you deliver a GCSE course that engages and motivates all students? We recognise that one size does not fit all. Teachers tell us that small steps to success built around our science GCSEs make a big difference. Let us share our ideas and resources with you.

BLISS Supporting a sustainable future

BLISS Supporting a sustainable future: a systems thinking approach to resources and ecological issues, developed in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Students need to be involved in building a sustainable future. Come and talk with teachers, developers and students about this new, interesting and relevant A-level science qualification suitable for all post-16 students.

BLISS KS4 Science for all: a tailored approach for a changing landscape

Join us to discover the skills that support success at GCSE and beyond. Explore our flexible approaches that meet the needs of students with different aspirations and abilities. Get free medium-term lesson plans to help you with this.

BLISS Steps to Success: a formative approach for KS3

Find out how schools have used Testbase questions to define milestones of progression in skills and plan for next steps to support success for all learners. Come and collect a sample that will help you plan outstanding lessons. Speak to our developers for key insights.

BLISS's new suite of A-levels - an overview of the development journey

Find out about our exciting new A-levels and join our discussion on the opportunities and challenges involved in developing these new A-levels. Contribute your questions and hear feedback from universities about the ideal science candidate.

BLISS GCSE and beyond: working scientifically

Take a journey with us, tracking progression in Practical and Enquiry skills and scientific literacy from GCSE to A-level. Our experts will give you insights into where students struggle and suggest ways to support them. Get free medium-term lesson plans to help you with this.