Controlled Assessment

As part of our support package, we've put together a wide range of tools and resources to help you carry out the new Controlled Assessments.

Guidance on Controlled Assessment

View our Guidance on Controlled Assessment for step by step support on understanding what the Controlled Assessments involve. We've also included exemplar material showing marking and examiner commentary. To get to grips with the new Controlled Assessments this is a great place to start.

Exemplar material – for real examples of how marks are awarded and what students need to do, use our exemplars and you'll quickly get to learn the fundamentals and nuances of what's required and be better prepared to help your students.

Teacher Support Online

Our latest videos offer guidance and support on key aspects of the new GCSE Science courses, specifically the Controlled Assessment. Hear our senior examiners discuss the new specifications and watch students and teachers conduct a Controlled Assessment. It's a great way to get up to speed.

Standardisation Meetings

Our programme of Standardisation meetings is rolling out throughout the country so book your place now. These free meetings will help you prepare effectively for marking the new Controlled Assessment Units. You need to attend these meetings to ensure that you and your department are able to mark the new Controlled Assessments to the required standards.

Teacher Online Standardisation

If you can't get away for the day, then why not mark our exemplar Controlled Assessments online and see how they compare with the marks awarded by our Principal Moderator. Teacher Online Standardisation will provide you with detailed feedback to support your team and reduce time away from school significantly.

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