Entry Level Certificate (ELC)


Entry Level Certificate

The Entry Level Certificate in Science (ELC) is suitable for candidates currently working below the level required to obtain a GCSE grade G.

Developed with reference to National Curriculum Attainment Targets and the GCSE subject criteria, it can also be taught within the same environment as candidates studying at GCSE level.

Candidates can obtain ELC at Entry 1, Entry 2 or Entry 3 depending on the standard of their work. You can accredit the achievement of individual units through the Unit Award Scheme .

ELC in Science:

  • can help candidates achieve their full potential
  • facilitates progression to Level 1 and subsequently Level 2 qualifications including GCSE
  • can be completed by candidates of any age.

For more information speak to our subject team on 01483 477 737 or e-mail elc@blisswords.co.uk/

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